Saturday, April 19, 2014

i’m suffering a lack of icon stability these days, pls forgive

exoplanetfr replied to your post: (1) dignity was never in the cards…

these three may literally get me through the next week

<3 glad to be of help

u ok there johnny

pipistrellus replied to your post: i think sometimes i try to justify my…

i think there is also a difference between like, ‘this thing happened bc i am a disabled woman’, and ‘this is how disabled women are treated’, as well? u kno?

yes that 2

i mix them up because i get over-zealous about connecting dots.

i think sometimes i try to justify my experiences as “things that happened because i am a Disabled Woman” — ever since i learned that format was a thing you could do — even when the connection is tenuous at best

i mean there are some things that def wouldnt have happened to me if i weren’t disabled

but there’s also shitty experiences and perceptions that have more to do with my individual neuroses/mannerisms/upbringing than with anything widespread, and i’m sorry for the times i have generalized those

it hurts to not see your experience reflected anywhere so it can be comforting to attribute EVERYTHING to [marginalized status] but like, sometimes it’s just your really weird stupid life.

but then some things do provide common ground. just don’t overdo it.

Friday, April 18, 2014

i need

a job. a miracle. new meds?

you know when you scroll through your dash so fast that 2 posts blend together and you get something like “actually steve rogers is of kurdish ancestry” and it takes you a second to go, wait, that’s not right

i left a comment on a fic for the first time since my star trek LJ days

no, that’s a lie

i’ve left two comments on ao3

one is a correction on a b99 christmas fic, in which i frostily inform the author that jake peralta is canonically jewish

the other is me reacting enthusiastically and with intermittent capslock to fic ideas about cpt holt domming peralta


i’m so alooooooooooooone

(1) dignity was never in the cards.

(2) this is not the way it ends.

(3) just keep putting one task in front of the other.

my only real advice for dealing with ocd is “have you tried… purposely not fulfilling compulsions as self-harm?” but that is kind of, uh